The Cakery Shop


Need a delicious cake? You’ve come to the right place!

What We Do:

We bake, make and decorate each and every cake to order, just for you. We are big time believers in a cake tasting as good as it looks.

How We Do It:

We decorate our cakes to match their flavor. What does that mean?

Well, we make them look DELICIOUS!!

Depending on the flavor you choose we’ll frost and decorate the outside to compliment the amazing-ness on the inside.

You CAN judge a book by its’ cover at Lovely Layers!

Can I Customize?

Because we focus on the cakes looking and tasting as absolutely delicious on the outside as they do inside, we can only accommodate minimal customizations.

If you’d like a special color icing – Yes we can do that!

If you would like the cake decorated to match a theme with fondant additions - We no longer accommodate those requests. This includes 3D cakes, custom shapes, fondant’s, sugar flowers etc.


We require a minimum of 7 Days advanced notice for all cake orders but can sometimes book up 4-6 weeks in advance so please call with as much notice as possible!

If you need a last minute cake no worries! We stock our case daily with various sizes ( and flavors ) for you to come in and buy straight from the cooler!

Hint: It’s best to call us first thing Tuesday morning to see what we’ll have for the week so you can “Claim Your Cake” before anybody else gets it.  We’re happy to customize it with a message and can hold it for you any day of the week.