The Cakery Shop

Let's Talk Aspen

June 1, 2016

I can’t believe how lucky I was for this girl to walk through the door and want to work here! She is so amazingly talented. She’s the girl that can just bust out a dinosaur like it’s nothing and be like – Rawr.

Aspen decorating cake elements.
Here we meet Aspen, doing what she does best.
Aspen decorating a cake
Delicate hands and an eye for design!

Here are a few of her recent “Dinosaurey” cakes

A dragon themed birthday cake.
Check out this amazing dragon themed birthday cake!
Jurassic World themed cakes
Two amazing Jurassic World cakes!
Details of the dinosaur cake
The detail that Aspen puts into her cakes is quite amazing, wouldn't you agree?

We all love Aspen here – She’s the sweetest and is just the best at anything fondant!